Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Our catalog is continually growing. It is provided here to help inform and inspire you to become engaged in philanthropy. Our hope is that you will get involved. The rewards will be great.
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Theology of the Body Evangelization Team, Inc. (TOBET)

Contact: Monica Ashour Address 948 Blaylock Circle North Irving Texas 75061 United States Phone: 972-849-6543 Link:

In union with and in service of the Blessed Trinity and the Catholic Church, TOBET seeks to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, spread hope, and, by word and example, draw all people into the communion of Persons of the Blessed Trinity by instructing others about Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body for the renewal and sanctification of the family, the Church, and the rest of society.

Thomas Aquinas College

Contact: Paul O’Reilly, Ph. D. Address 10,000 Ojai Road Santa Paula California 93060 United States Phone: 805-525-4417 Link:

Thomas Aquinas College exists to guide students in their search for the truth. Founded by a group of Catholic laymen, the College offers an unusual and challenging program in the liberal arts and sciences. Instead of textbooks, our students read the great books, the original works of the great thinkers who shaped our civilization, and discuss them in small classes, a method that encourages active learning and personal engagement with the ideas contained in the text. We maintain a strictly need-blind admissions policy and commit to providing whatever financial assistance a qualified student to attend.We invite all who sincerely seek wisdom to come and engage in conversation about the nature of reality, the purpose of life, and the love of God.

Thomas More Law Center

Contact: Kathleen Lynch Address 24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive Ann Arbor Michigan 48106 United States Phone: 734-546-0899 Link:

The Thomas More Law Center follows the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church defends and promotes America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values, including the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life. It supports a strong national defense and an independent and sovereign United States of America. The Law Center accomplishes its mission through litigation, education, and related activities.  It does not charge for its services. The Law Center is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations, and is recognized by the IRS as a section 501(c)(3) organization.  You may reach the Thomas More Law Center at (734) 827-2001 or visit our website at

Trinity Free Clinic, Inc.

Contact: Dina Ferchmin Address 1045 W. 146th Street, Suite B Carmel Indiana 46032 United States Phone: 317-819-0772 Link:

The mission of Trinity Free Clinic is to provide quality free medical, health and dental support to the uninsured, under-insured, and low income residents of Hamilton County with dignity, through a professional and dedicated volunteer staff.

Trinity Missions Fund

Contact: Rev. Michael K. Bart Address 9001 New Hampshire Ave. Suite 300 Silver Spring Maryland 20903 United States Phone: 301-434-0092 Link:

The Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity, popularly known as Trinity Missions, is a Catholic order of priests and Brothers with missions in the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Honduras. Our mission is to preserve the faith in areas and among people who are spiritually abandoned, especially the poor. Our chief effort is to develop a missionary spirit in the laity.


Ulster Project Arlington

Contact: Toby Gilman, President Address P.O.Box 150701 Arlington Texas 76015 United States Phone: 817-793-3025 Link:

To create peace through the children of Northern Ireland, where generations of adults have failed.The mission of the Ulster Project is based on a simple idea of sharing experiences. Northern Irish Catholics and Protestant teenagers are hosted by American families of the same religion and with a teenager of the same age and gender. These Christian based potential leaders from Northern Ireland and the United States build immediate friendships to provide a safe and trusting atmosphere. The teens meet almost daily in different churches to discuss the troubles facing the teens in their homes, schools and churches and to teach new ways around the prejudices and stereotypes that contribute to the violence often found in Northern Ireland. These meetings are performed by counselors, teachers and facilitators that organize the activities to ensure participation from all teens.

United States Catholic Mission Association

Contact: Dr Donald McCrabb Address 415 Michigan Ave NE #102 Washington District of Columbia 20017-4502 United States Phone: 202-832-3112 Link:

USCMA is an alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to world mission, both foreign and domestic. It seeks to identify and connect all Catholic missionaries – lay, religious, and ordained – serving from or in the United States of America. Missionaries from and in the USA have built bridges of solidarity among peoples all over the world giving the Church an opportunity to serve, and embody, the Gospel in every land. USCMA accompanies missionaries through the missionary process of recruitment, discernment, preparation, service, integration and leadership. It envisions a day when all Catholics have heard and responded to the call to mission. USCMA need support so it can build the Global Mission HUB – an online database of missions, the organizations that sponsors those missions, the countries where those missions have taken root, and those missionaries who serve those missions.

University of the Sacred Heart

Contact: Laura Cotte Emmanuelli Address P.O. Box 12383 San Juan Puerto Rico 914 United States Phone: 787-728-1515, ext. 1254 Link:

The Universidad del Sagrado Corazón (USC), the oldest private educational institution on the Island, was established in 1880 by the religious order of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart as an elementary school. In 1935, the government issued a charter establishing the Colegio Universitario del Sagrado Corazón. In 1970, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart transferred the governance of the Institution to a lay Board of Trustees; in 1972 a coeducational policy was approved, and in 1976, the official name was changed to Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. The University is located in thirty-two (32) acres of urban property and in 1985 its Portico and Chapel were declared Historical Monuments by the US Department of the Interior, National Register of Historic Places.


Valley Family Center

Contact: Sr. Carmel Somers RSC Address 302 South Brand Boulevard San Ferando California 91340 United States Phone: 818-365-8588 Link:

Valley Family Center is dedicated to providing counseling and educational services to facilitate personal growth, strengthen the family unit, and protect human dignity for all persons in need.


Contact: Tom Peterson, President and Founder Address 560 W. Crossville Rd, STE 101 Roswell Georgia 30075 United States Phone: 770-559-5533 Link:

VirtueMedia is a 501(c)(3) educational not-for-profit that creates and broadcasts effective, compassionate, and educational sancity of life media messages, to bring about a positive change in hearts and minds.  Specifically, our multimedia campaigns (TV, internet, phone support) have been proven to save countless babies and mothers from abortion, and gently but effectively educate the public about the sanctity of all human life from natural conception to natural death.  Over the past decade, tens of thousands of VirtueMedia sanctity of life television commercials have aired thoroughout the US, Canada, and many foreign countries.  VirtueMedia often collaborates with churches, dioceses, right to life organizations, and pregnancy help centers.


Visitation Hospital (Nashville, TN)

Contact: Fran Rajotte, Development Director Address 2500 21st Avenue South, Suite 207 Nashville Tennessee 37212 United States Phone: 615-385-2363 Link:

Visitation Hospital will provide competent and compassionate health care to the people of southwest Haiti and will empower them with resources to pursue their basic right to health and health education. In serving the people in the geographical region of Petite Riviere de Nippes in the Department de la Grande Anse, the Foundation aims to be a healing presence that assures dignity and respect. The Foundation plans to: 1) Complete the hospital construction and provide ongoing patient care, making access to health care available for the many people who live without it; 2) Establish Visitation Hospital as the premiere hospital in Haiti by offering pediatric cardiovascular surgery in partnership with Internation Children’s Heart Foundation; 3) Serve the community compassionately, knowledgeably, and responsibly, resulting in lower rates of child mortality and increased rates of vaccinations; 4) Train and educate the community on health matters and encourage early at-home detection of all health problems.


Walking with Purpose

Contact: Julie Ricciardi Address 15 E. Putnam Avenue Greenwich Connecticut 6830 United States Phone: 844-492-5597 Link:

Walking with Purpose transforms the hearts and lives of women by providing Bible studies that enable women to know Christ through Scripture and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Founded in 2008, Walking with Purpose engages adult women, young adult women, and middle school girls using Bible studies designed for use in parish-based programs, independent small groups, middle and high schools, universities, and at-home study.

Our grand vision is to enable every Catholic woman in America to experience our life-changing Bible study, Opening Your Heart. We believe that as more women are inspired to deepen their relationships with Christ, transformation will take place in their hearts – and, by extension – in their families, in their communities, and ultimately, in our nation.

Washington Middle School for Girls, The (WMSG) (Washington, DC)

Contact: Mary Bourdon, RJM, Administrator Address 3521 13th Street NE Washington District of Columbia 20010 United States Phone: 202-265-8812

The WMSG seeks to provide an exemplary education for young girls who live in an under-served, dysfunctional urban community and who are at risk of leaving school prematurely. WMSG offers an academically challenging program founded in the tradition of Catholic education. It is designed to support the spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional growth of its students, with opportunities to grow in faith and self confidence and to exercise social responsibility. The school is committed to involving parents and families in every aspect of the educational process.

Washington Theological Union (Washington, DC)

Contact: James L. Nolan Address 6896 Laurel Street NW Washington District of Columbia 20012 United States Phone: 202-541-5234 Link:

The Washington Theological Union is a Roman Catholic graduate school of theology and ministry. Challenged and inspired by the charisms of its religious communities, the Union educates candidates for ordination and religious and lay persons of diverse backgrounds for collaborative ministry in the Church and service to the World.

Westside Employment Education Center (Chicago, IL)

Contact: Sister Virginia Phillips, OP Address 1029 South May Street Chicago Illinois 60607 United States Phone: 312-243-7207

The mission of the Westside Employment Education Center is to work with economically and educationally disadvantaged adults of Chicago’s Westside to improve the quality of their lives and the life of the neighborhood community. The Center carries out its mission by providing for adults an individualized educational program to assist them in becoming better qualified for employment. The Center also provides an English to Speakers of Other Languages program. The Center is open to all adults who desire to learn, regardless of race, age, or creed.

Woman’s New Life Center

Contact: Angie Thomas Address 3032 Ridgelake Dr Metairie Louisiana 70002 United States Phone: 504-496-0212 Link:

Woman’s New Life Center is a Christian organization promoting the sanctity of human life, the dignity of women, and the sacredness of sexuality. Through a professional, licensed medical and counseling staff, we offer an array of services to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, struggling with a past abortion or encountering gynecological issues. Every woman is unique and deserves personal care. Since the founding of Woman’s New Life Center, more than 1500 lives have been saved. Woman; New Life Center stands as aplace of hope, as both offices- Metairie and Baton Rouge- are located directly next door to community’s abortion facilities.