Our Mission

The National Catholic Community Foundation recognizes the compelling presence of the Holy Spirit among donors in the United States.

Our services benefit a diverse group​:

  • Donors interested in long term philanthropy
  • Charitable organizations requiring assistance in their philanthropic programs
  • Financial and estate planners

NCCF provides donors with a philanthropic vehicle which honors the human dignity proclaimed in the Gospel and affirmed by the Roman Catholic Church.

Therefore, it seeks to provide them with a philanthropic vehicle which honors their desires to support charitable, religious, cultural, and educational activities in a manner that is effective, lasting and reflective of the human dignity proclaimed in the Gospel and affirmed by the Roman Catholic Church in the Second Vatican Council.

The founders of NCCF recognize that the generosity prompted by the Holy Spirit is not limited to organizations operating under the aegis of the Catholic Church. The board of NCCF therefore respects and considers recommendations from any donors for distributions to any charity whose activity is consistent with the Gospel.

Because we believe philanthropy is a ministry, we strongly encourage our donors to remain involved and, if possible, to involve their families in the decision process relating to their funds. From those funds for which there is no donor intent expressed, we make distributions only to organizations that operate under the aegis of the Catholic Church or that are closely aligned with the philosophy and teaching of the Church.

NCCF also administers planned gifts. We do this on behalf of donors who are interested in charitable annuities and charitable trusts, and on the behalf of the charitable organizations who seek assistance in the administration if their own planning giving programs.

Since our creation in 1997 we have continued to develop our Catalog of Ministries, a web-based index of all of the charitable organizations we have funded or with whom we have some connection. We find that this information is useful to donors who search for information about organizations that would be of interest to them.