Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Our catalog is continually growing. It is provided here to help inform and inspire you to become engaged in philanthropy. Our hope is that you will get involved. The rewards will be great.
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Ratisbonne Centre (Jerusalem, Israel)

Contact: Rev. Msgr. Robert L. Stern, Secretary General, CNEWA Address 26 Shmuel Hanagiu Street, PO Box 7336, Israel c/o Catholic Near East Welfare Association, 1011 First Avenue New York New York 10022 United States

The challenge is to create in Jerusalem a first-class post-graduate program for educating Catholics in Jewish studies. Major steps have been taken in the last two years: Anew president-rector has been appointed, the former dean of the Catholic Institute in Paris, and the French language program at the Ratisbonne Centre is now of an extremely high quality. In addition, the Congregation for Catholic Education in Rome has granted pontifical status to the Institute. The Holy Father has in these last few years expressed a vital, personal interest in its survival. Recognizing that the majority of Jews living outside of Israel live in English speaking countries, most especially in the United State of America, but also in Canada, Great Britain, and other countries of the former British Commonwealth, there is the need now to put in place a strong program in the English language.

Regina Coeli Academy, Wyndmoor, PA

Contact: Michele Fowler, Head of School Address 1108 East Willow Grove Avenue Wyndmoor Pennsylvania 19038 United States Phone: 215-836-2208 Link:

Regina Coeli Academy is a private Catholic elementary school for children grades Pre-K through 8th, located in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.

It was founded by a group of concerned Catholics who recognized the great need for a return to the ancient classical liberal arts education, which had produced, some of the greatest minds in Western Civilization. The model was founded on a pursuit of God (beauty, truth and goodness). The curriculum provides a thorough grounding in the teachings of the Catholic Church and reflects the practice of Christian values.

The courses offered provide the students with the tools for learning and to enable them, as they go through the three stages of the Trivium, (grammar, logic, and rhetoric), to acquire knowledge and critical thinking skills. This is to prepare them to be accomplished in articulating well thought out arguments on topics for discussion, impacting them as future leaders. Latin, art, history, music, the Baltimore Catechism, memorization of poetry and Scripture, along with Spanish and the Institute for Excellence in Writing are all part of this classical curriculum, as well as Forensics and Logic course in 7th and 8th grades.

The classes are small providing individual attention with the students who are challenged and encouraged to strive for academic excellence. Regina Coeli Academy reaches out to all children Forty-five percent of our students receive some type financial aid.

Most students score one to two years above the national average on the National Iowa Test and many students have been placed in accelerated classes upon entering high school. Many Regina Coeli students have received high school scholarships. In addition to being accepted to all the high schools to which they applied.

Regina Coeli is a school where its students are filled with the love and excitement of learning, and its teachers recognize each individual’s potential as a child of God.

Regina Health Center

Contact: Laura Cappetto Address 5232 Broadview Road Richfield Ohio 44286 United States Phone: 216-875-4614

Regina Health Center, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System, provides a compassionate and holistic health care  services primarily for members of religious communities, clergy, and for other persons needing supportive services or residential nursing care.

RENEW International

Contact: Sister Honora Nolty Address 1232 George Street Plainfield NJ 07062-1717 United States Phone: 908-769-5400 ext 162 Link: Link: YouTube

RENEW International is a Catholic ministry organization that fosters spiritual renewal in the Catholic tradition. With its pastoral processes and publications, RENEW International enables individuals and communities to encounter God in everyday life, deepen and share faith, and connect faith with action.

Click Here to visit our Annual Report.


Rhodora J Donahue Academy

Contact: Laura Klucik Address 4955 Seton Way Ave Maria Florida 34142 United States Phone: 239-280-2450 Link:

Donahue Academy offers a Catholic classical education where students encounter Christ and pursue excellence in all things. Our students will deepen their love of God, each other and the truth. They will learn to see truths in relation to each other so that they illuminate each other and reality, leading to an appreciation for the unity of all truth.

Rosary Army Corp

Contact: Michael Wojcik, Director Address P.O.Box 82721 1805 Overlake Dr Ste C Conyers Georgia 30010 United States Phone: 770-918-1105 Link:

For seven years Rosary Army Corp, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, has been dedicated to
evangelizing the Catholic Faith through promotion, distribution, making and
praying of the Rosary. We also use other catholic media including podcasts,
radio, video and catechetical materials designed to help people grow closer
to Jesus Christ. Our focus with this mission is to spread the word of God
through praying the rosary and devotion to The Blessed Mother.

In 2009 we personally gave 6,000 rosaries away for free, one-at-a-time to
anyone, wnywhere who requested one. Since our inception this total exceeds
40,000 rosaries mailed or handed out one-at-a-time. Our website allows
individuals to request a free rosary and other free audio and video relevant
to our faith. From our website individuals are able to order supplies to
make rosaries and give them away themselves. The twine supplier estimates,
based on the number of spools of twine that have been sold through our
website, that in the seven years since we started more than one million
rosaries have been made and given away.

Rosemont College (Rosemont, PA)

Contact: Alexis Kropp Address 1400 Montgomery Ave. Rosemont Pennsylvania 19010 United States Phone: 610-526-2967 Link:

In the spirit of Cornelia Connelly, founder of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, Rosemont College works to develop in its people, teachers, and learners, the strengths and abilities required to respond to the needs and challenges of the times through a life of continued growth and learning, to act responsibly and effectively in an ever-changing world.

Rostro de Cristro (Face of Christ) (Richmond Heights, OH)

Contact: Helen Rambalski Address 5189 Dickens Drive Richmond Heights Ohio 44143 United States Phone: 440-442-6345 Link:

Rostro de Cristo is a Catholic program whose mission is to provide spiritual and educational opportunities for young people from the United States to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Duran, Ecuador. The program invites participants to lead a simple lifestyle, build an intentional Christian community, and be in relationship with the Ecuadorian people and reflect on the face of Christ in their joys and struggles. Rostro de Cristo participants are thus witnesses to the Gospel and a source of hope and light in the community. These experiences will inspire lifelong commitments to service, social justice, and solidarity with the people of Ecuador and the world.