Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Our catalog is continually growing. It is provided here to help inform and inspire you to become engaged in philanthropy. Our hope is that you will get involved. The rewards will be great.
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Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s

Contact: Robert J McCreary Address 1010 W. Fourth Street Wilmington Delaware 19805 United States Phone: 302-740-6400 Link:

The mission of the Family Counseling Center of St Paul’s(FCCSP) is providing affordable, accessible, bilingual, and culturally-sensitive mental and behavioral health counseling to children, adults, and families; parenting skills to parents and caregivers; and, customized training to school teachers and educators.

The vision of the FCCSP is to continue to provide intimate, compassionate direct-care human services through the integration of our CASA approach, a cost-effective replicable model that emphasizes positive, loving affirmation and honest communications between children, adults, and within families.

Fathers of St. Edmund, Southern Missions, Inc.

Contact: Chad McEachern, President & CEO Address 1428 Broad Street Selma Alabama 36701 United States Phone: 334-872-2359 Link:

“Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Edmundite Southern Missions stands with poor Black children, families and elders as we feed the poor, clothe the needy, shelter the homeless and educate God’s people to break the yoke of poverty in the Deep South.”
-From our Mission Statement

Edmundite Missions has been fulfilling our calling for more than 77 years by quietly serving the poor living in the poverty-stricken communities of the Deep South. What began in 1937 as a courageous fight for victims of discrimination in Alabama’s Black Belt quickly broadened to include outreach ministries of compassion, providing for the essential daily needs of food, clothing and shelter to those stricken by extreme poverty. The Edmundite Missions serves poor and marginalized children, families, young adults and seniors of all faith traditions to meet their immediate needs while addressing the long term issues of systemic poverty in the Deep South.

As a Catholic organization, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our commitment is to provide the programs and essential services that address some of the most pressing issues affecting those living in some of the poorest counties in America. Also, we are constantly and prayerfully evolving our programs and creating new ministries to help lead those in poverty from hopelessness to self-sustainability, from education programs to apprenticeship opportunities. We carry out our commitment to the people of this region guided by our motto, taken from our founder Father Frank Casey, SSE “do the best we can, with what little we have, to serve those most in need.”


Poverty in the Deep South: An Introduction to the Edmundite Missions from Edmundite Missions on Vimeo.

Feminists For Life of America (Washington, DC)

Contact: Serrin Foster, President Address 733 15th St. NW, Suite 1100 Washington DC 20005 United States Phone: 202-737-3352 Link:

Established in 1972 and reorganized in 1995, Feminists For Life of America (FFLA) is a nonsectarian, grassroots organization. Feminists for Life of America recognizes that abortion is a reflection that our society has failed to meet the needs of women. We are dedicated to systematically eliminating the root causes that drive women to abortion—primarily lack of practical resources and support—through holistic, woman-centered solutions. Women deserve better than abortion.


Florida Community Loan Fund (Orlando, FL)

Contact: Ignacio Esteban, Executive Director Address 3107 Edgewater Drive, Suite 2 Orlando Florida 32804 United States Phone: 407-246-0846 or 800-578-2030 Link:

The Mission of the Florida Community Loan fund is to: 1) Provide loans on affordable terms and technical assistance to meet housing, economic development and social servid credit needs in Florida’s low-income communities; 2) Assist traditionally under-served organizations and businesses in both urban and rural areas by complementing and extending the reach of conventional lenders and public institutions; and 3) Responsibly match resources from socially-concerned investors and donors to the needs of low-income communities, significantly strengthening social and economic justice throughout Florida.

Francis House Inc

Contact: Beth Lynn Hoey Address 108 Michaels Avenue Syracuse New York 13208 United States Phone: 315-475-5422 Link:

Francis House provides a home and an extended family to people with terminal illness sp they can die with dignity and experience the unconditional love of God.

Franciscan Earth Literacy Center

Contact: Sister Joanne Lammers Address 194 St. Francis Avenue Tiffin Ohio 44883 United States Phone: 419-447-0435 Link:

In the spirit of St. Francis, the Franciscan Earth Literacy Center recognizes our oneness with all creation. We promote active learning and healthy relationships with our natural environment to achieve sustainable living.

Franciscan Friars, TOR, Province of the Immaculate Conception

Contact: Contact Tim Beresnyak, Development Director Address 788 Monastery Road / PO Box 139 Hollidaysburg Pennsylvania 16648 United States Phone: 814-695-3802 Link:

The Franciscan Friars, Third Order Regular (TOR) of the Immaculate Conception Province, follow Christ in the footsteps of Saint Francis. We are a fraternity of men who freely vow ourselves to living in communion as brothers. We strive to live the gospel through gentleness, hospitality, and service. We seek to address the changing needs of the Church and the world by calling ourselves and others to prayer and conversion. More about us: Since the 1920s friars from the Province of the Immaculate Conception have served in a wide range of ministries. Our friars continue to serve in parishes with immigrant communities, in schools as educators and counselors, staff retreat centers as spiritual directors, and are advocates for the poor through Peace and Justice Ministry. In the beginning we built a Monastery to minister to Italian immigrants in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, and were blessed by generous donations that allowed us to reach out and build churches, schools, and communities of faith in Paraguay, and around the world through the international mission work of the TORs in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Our international body consists of friars in twelve countries. We rely on charitable donations to meet the needs of many of the Province’s earliest friars who are retired and to educate new priests to carry on our ministry. Our ministry continues to evolve and emphasize the spiritual path of continual conversion, constantly turning our lives over to God by dedicating ourselves to gospel poverty in the vision of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis of Assisi, and by sharing this gift with the Church, and the world.

Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America

Contact: Friar John-Sebastian, OFM Address 1400 Quincy Street, NE Washington District of Columbia 20017 United States Phone: 202-269-5491 Link:

For 800 years, the Roman Catholic Church has entrusted the guardianship of the Christian shrines in the Holy Land to the Order of St. Francis. This work by the Franciscan friars has grown to include schools and missions in the Holy Land, and care for the children, families, refugees and others in need throughout the region. The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America, located in Washington, DC, sustains this 800-year mission of the Franciscan Friars in the Holy Land through education, vocations, pilgrimages and pastoral ministry for local and visiting Catholics and all people of good will. The Monastery is home to a thriving Franciscan community, self sustaining and capable of fulfilling its mission on behalf of the Holy Land, its Friars and the Church Universal.

Franciscan Sisters, TOR of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother

Contact: Sr. Mary Rose Bratlien, T.O.R Address 369 Little Church Road Toronto Ohio 43964 United States Phone: 740-544-5542 ext135 Link:

Founding Grace and Mission: After the example of St. Francis of Assisi, we are contemplative-active Sisters who spend half of our time interceding for the world through prayer, and the rest of our time in ministry among the poor, the elderly, youth, young adults on college campuses, and at parishes and retreats where we evangelize, seeking to bring renewal of the fullness of Catholic life. As a joyful, vibrant and growing religious community, founded in 1988 n Steubenville Ohio, we express our love for God and neighbor by devotion to prayer and to the spiritual and corporal works of mercy

Franciscan Spiritual Center and Clare House (Aston, PA)

Contact: Sister Christa Marie Thompson, Director Address 609 S. Convent Aston Pennsylvania 19014 United States Phone: (610) 558-6795

Franciscan Spiritual Ministries is a ministry sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia and rooted in Gospel values and in the prophetic spirit of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi. The staff seeks to provide environments, experiences and resources which enable persons to meet God in both stillness and activity. With hospitality, simplicity, and joy, all are welcome as brother and sister. The programs are holistic, ecumenical, collaborative in nature, and supportive of nonviolence. Clare House, a component of the Spiritual Center, is dedicated to providing contemplative space for persons of any faith who desire to deepen their relationship with God. Five Hermitages are available in a wooded area on the grounds of Clare House.

Franciscan University of Steubenville

Contact: Michael Hernon Address 1235 University Blvd Steubenville Ohio 43952 United States Phone: 740-283-6447 Link:

The purpose of the Corporation (University) is to further the higher education of men and women through programs of liberal, professional, and pre-professional studies leading to the conferral of the baccalaureate and master degrees in arts and sciences. Said degrees shall be conferred in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation of the University and the laws of the State of Ohio. It shall be the further purpose of the University, publicly identified as a Catholic and a Franciscan institution, to promote the moral, spiritual, and religious values of its students. The University will be guided by the example and teaching of St. Francis of Assisi.

Freedom House (Detroit, MI)

Contact: Gloria Rivera Address 2630 West Lafayette Detroit Michigan 48516 United States Phone: 313-964-4320 Link:

Freedom House is a non-denominational non-profit organization established in 1983.Our mission is to address the needs of homeless and/or indigent refugees seeking asylum in either the U.S. or Canada.

Guided by our belief that all persons deserve to live free from oppression and deserve to be treated with justice, compassion and dignity, our goals are:
1. To offer a continuum of care and services to persons living in our shelter, as well as to offer refugees in need.
2. To advocate for systemic change which more fully recognizes the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.