Pueri Cantores

During this first week of Advent anyone in need of an aid to enhance his or her preparation for the celebration of Christmas would do well to become acquainted with the apostolate of the American Federation Pueri Cantores (www.pcchoirs.org).

Pueri Cantores is the official music organization for students in the Catholic Church. It introduces young people to the timeless beauty found in sacred song and organizes Choral Festivals and Masses for parish and school choirs (grades 4 -12) in cathedrals and other churches around the United States. Every five years it brings thousands of young choristers to St. Peter’s in Rome where – along with their counterparts from other nations – they raise their trained voices in liturgical song at a papal Mass. As a corporate partner of the National Catholic Educational Association, Pueri Cantores also provides at no cost professional advancement opportunities and education resources for music teachers (those deplorably under appreciated souls) in the 6400 Catholic schools in our nation.

As Paul French, President of Pueri Cantores, has recently reported in his Thanksgiving message to donors: “In the next year, we are launching a three-year plan that will ensure more children from all walks of life, especially rural and under-service communities, have the opportunity to sing God’s praise, develop music skills and build relationships with peers that will last a lifetime”.

I’m happy to boast that two of our NCCF trustees serve on the board of Pueri Cantores – even though neither of them can sing!

Dana Robinson

Click on the image below to enjoy their performance of Mary Lynn Lightfoot’s “A Jubilant Song,” accompanied by director Michael Bower.