Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Our catalog is continually growing. It is provided here to help inform and inspire you to become engaged in philanthropy. Our hope is that you will get involved. The rewards will be great.
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St. Elizabeth School

Contact: Kristin O’Ferrall Address 801 Argonne Drive Baltimore Maryland 21218 United States Phone: 410-889-5054 ext 1152 Link:

St. Elizabeth graduates students who are successful at home, in the workforce and in the community. By maximizing each student’s unique abilities, we enhance the quality of life for elementary, middle, and high school students with cognitive and other disabilities.
Our program focuses on the realization of personal potential by integrating academic growth, social/emotional development, functional life skills, and vocational training. We create a community environment that fosters a sense of belonging. Students, faculty and families are committed to the stewardship of a learning environment with these core values: All people are respected and valued; Every student can learn; Competence, compassion, support and safety are essential; Communication and collaboration are standard practice; Time and talent are given generously in the service of others.

St. Finn Barr Catholic School

Contact: Maria Sablan Address 419 Hearst Ave. San Francisco California 94112 United States Phone: 415-333-1800

St. Finn Barr Catholic School is dedicated to meeting the spiritual, academic, physical and emotional needs of every child entrusted to its care. Our community embraces every child’s potential to become an independent thinker, life long learner, and valuable member of a larger community who live Gospel values in the Catholic tradition.

St. Frances Cabrini Clinic of Most Holy Trinity Church

Contact: Mary Ellen Howard, RSM Address 1234 Porter Street Detroit Michigan 48226 United States Phone: 313-961-7863 Link:

Cabrini Clinic is the oldest free clinic in the United States. Since 1950 it has provided free primary health care to poor, uninsured families in the Corktown neighborhood of southwest Detroit. Staffed by volunteer doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals, Cabrini Clinic serves those who are falling through the health care safety net. Diagnostic testing, health education, mental health counseling, treatment and prescription assistance are provided to more that 1500 uninsured individuals annually. The health care mission of Cabrini Clinic is supported by Most Holy Trinity, grant funding, and the generosity of our donors.

St. Francis Healthcare Foundation of Hawaii

Contact: Sister William Marie Eleniki, OSF Address 2228 Liliha Street Suite 205 Honolulu Hawaii 96817 United States Link:
We are a Catholic healthcare system in Hawaii, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis, committed to creating healthy communities in the Spirit of Christ’s healing ministry.

St. Francis Home/ St. Francis Senior Ministries

Contact: Sister Joanne Lammers Address 182 St. Francis Avenue Tiffin Ohio 44883 United States Phone: 419-447-0435 Link:

We exist to create a community where each individual can live life fully.

St. Francis Mission

Contact: Fr. John Hatcher, S.J. Address 350 Oak Street St. Francis South Dakota 57572 United States Phone: 605-747-2361 Link:

The purpose of St. Francis Mission is to re-evangelize Catholic Lakota people and bring the Gospel of Jesus the Christ to those who have not heard it. We respect the traditions of the Lakota people as we collaborate with them to meet the spiritual, educational, social, and physical needs of the community.


St. Francis Spirituality Center of the Sisters of St. Francis of Tiffin, OH

Contact: Sister Joanne Lammers Address 200 St. Francis Avenue Tiffin Ohio 44883 United States Phone: 419-447-0435 Link:

In the Spirit of Francis and Clare, we provide an atmosphere that allows all our guests to experience a renewal of their lives through a deeper personal relationship with God, in creation, in peacemaking and in a commitment to justice.


St. Francis Xavier School

Contact: Luke Ertel Address 24th & Wallace Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19130 United States Phone: 215-763-6564 Link:

St. Francis Xavier School is organized and maintained by an Advisory Board of Governors delegated by the Congregation of the Oratory. In addition to tuition, funds from corporate and private sources will be obtained to assist in the operation and endowment of the school.

All involved in serving the school are committed to the Magisterium of the Church and to fully living the Catholic Faith by availing themselves of the Sacraments, leading a Catholic moral life, and nurturing a devout prayer life with special devotion to Our Lady. Faculty and administration who are Catholic will show evidence of the practice of their Faith.

Christian charity and cheerfulness are the guiding principles of our school. This is the gift of St. Philip Neri who said, “Charity and cheerfulness, or charity and humility should be our motto.” By our example and leadership we will strive to instill these virtues in our students. Students of all faiths are welcome to apply to St. Francis Xavier School. Non-Catholic students will be required to participate fully in all classes of instruction, to attend school Liturgies and other activities.


St. Gregory the Great Seminary (Seward, NE)

Contact: Michael L. Henkenius Address 1301 280th Road Seward Nebraska 68434 United States Phone: 402-488-2142 Link:

The fundamental mission of St. Gregory the Great Seminary is the formation of Catholic men for service of God and GodÆs people as priests of Jesus Christ in the Roman Catholic Church. To this end, seminarians attending St. Gregory the Great Seminary will receive their undergraduate college education and preparation for entry into theological studies. This formation will be provided on behalf of the Catholic Bishop of Lincoln to train priests for service in the Diocese of Lincoln as well as other archdioceses, dioceses, and religious communities. St. Gregory the Great Seminary seeks to develop the natural gifts of the seminarians as men of faith in and commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church in an integrated program of spiritual, intellectual, personal, and pastoral formation in harmony with the teaching and practice of the Catholic Church and the directives of the Catholic Church for priestly training.

St. James Catholic School

Contact: Constance Dalton Address 321 Fair Oaks Street San Francisco California 94110 United States Phone: 415-642-6130 Link:

St. James is a Catholic School located in the Mission District of San Francisco, and a member of the Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools. It is administered by the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose in association with their lay partners and serves children of families of varied cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Em powered by Jesus and His teachings, we accept the responsibility to help develop the gifts and talents of students, parents, and staff alike. We challenge our students to recognize the importance of their role as future world leaders in light of the Gospel mandate to serve one another in love. As leaders of our faith community, the faculty strives to instill in our students a strong sense of Catholic/Christian values, moral responsibility, appropriate decision making skills and sense of self worth. We hope to empower students to reach their full potential by our efforts to develop the whole child, thus enabling the students to continually grow as positive, contributing members of the Church and society.

St. John’s Villa (Carrollton, OH)

Contact: Sister Ellen Weber, O.S.F. Address 701 Crest Street P.O. Box 457 Ohio 44615-0457 United States Phone: 330-627-9789

To support, empower, and value people of all ages served, with special focus on adults, who are mentally challenged, their families and the broader community. Enabling each to attain their full mental, social, physical and spiritual potential.

St. Joseph College Seminary

Contact: Robert Black Address 1120 W. Loyola Avenue Chicago Illinois 60626 United States Link:

At St. Joseph College Seminary our mission is to provide an environment which assists young men to answer God’s call to the Roman Catholic priesthood.  The need for expertise in ministering and maintaining pastoral leadership is of great importance in today’s world.  The United States in particular is experiencing a shortage of priests.

We are responding to the call by preparing leaders who are grounded in faith and educated in programs of spiritual, intellectual, pastoral and human formation.  As the Lord said “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”  The Archdiocese of Chicago needs faith-filled priests to serve God and his people.  In addition, as one of the few college seminaries in the nation, we fill the need to form men from dioceses across the United States including Milwaukee, WI, San Bernardino, CA, and others.

Our balanced formation program affords candidates the opportunity to explore their discernment. The spiritual, human, and pastoral components are guided by the Holy See and the National Conference of Catholic Bishops as outlined in the encyclical, Pastores Dabo Vobis, the Program of Priestly Formations, published by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (Fourth Edition, 1992). They are implemented by our faculty of five resident priests and the formation team.

St. Joseph’s High School (Brooklyn, NY)

Contact: Sister Eugenia Calabrese, CSJ, Principal Address 80 Willoughby Street Brooklyn New York 11201 United States Phone: 718-624-6213

The mission of St. Joseph High School is to provide a quality education to young women with concern for all without distinction, and to encourage each student to strive for excellence in all endeavors and to make a difference in the local and world community.

St. Martin de Porres School

Contact: Bob Morrison Address 2300 W Lehigh Ave Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19132 United States Phone: 877-689-6006 Link:

The mission of St. Martin de Porres School is to provide education in an affordable and accessible way to capable and worthy students, equipping them with the character and skills they will need to succeed in life.We challenge students to achieve academic excellence, embrace the gospel, and make a difference in the world. To achieve this mission, St. Martin de Porres School

* educates students, spiritually, emotionally, morally and academically

* encourages open, on-going communication between the school and families,

* maintains a clean, safe learning environment

* guides students to an awareness of God’s love and their own discipleship

* fosters respect for all the world’s cultures, and

* incorporate the values, teachings and traditions of African-American heritage into our curriculum, prayer and worship

St. Mary’s Seminary and University (Baltimore, MD)

Contact: Rev. Thomas R. Hurst, S.S., President-Rector Address 5400 Roland Avenue Baltimore Maryland 21210 United States Phone: 410-864-3613 Link:

St. Mary’s Seminary and University, founded in Baltimore in 1791 by Society of St. Sulpice, strives to provide, as its primary purpose, an outstanding spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral preparation of candidates for Roman Catholic priesthood. Following in the Sulpician seminary tradition, it seeks to do this as a formational community grounded in Jesus Christ and primarily directed toward diocesan priestly service in the Church. This fundamental commitment provides the context and stimulus for offering distinctive graduate and professional programs in theology and ministry, especially in continuing formation and ecumenical theological society. St. Mary’s Seminary and University awards theological degrees both as a civil university and a canonically recognized Ecclesiastical Faculty.

St. Marys High School

Contact: Matt Walter Address 2501 East Yampa Street Colorado Springs Colorado 80909 United States Phone: 719-635-7540, ext. 38 Link:

St. Mary’s High School is an academic community modeled on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the living tradition of the Catholic Church.

This community challenges and empowers students to:

– Grow in mind, body, and spirit, respecting the dignity of all;
– Master the skills and knowledge for the next phase of their development, primarily a college education;
– Become responsible, ethical decision-makers in a diverse, complex world.