TV COMMERCIAL HELPS LEAD ATHEIST TO THE CATHOLIC FAITH: The story of one man’s journey home to the Catholic Church

by: Katie Peterson, Communications Manager, Catholics Come Home, Inc., a 501C3 non-profit

Adrian Abeyta grew up an atheist and spent his young life arguing against the Christian faith. After years of being “afraid to learn something he couldn’t accept,” Adrian felt like he needed to find that “something” that was missing in his life. Then, in May 2009, Adrian saw a ®commercial.

As Adrian watched the Catholics Come Home “Epic” commercial, one phrase immediately captured his attention.

“The ad used the words ‘our family,’” Adrian explains. “This brought comfort [to me].”

But Adrian says that it was one line in particular that changed him, and made him feel like God was personally calling him home. “Then the most powerful line hit me: ‘We are Catholic. Welcome home.SM’ I felt something warm, comforting, and powerful. I felt like God had guided me to this commercial.”

After watching the commercial, Adrian visited ®and started to research some of the claims made in the commercial. Sure enough, Adrian found himself uncovering the truth that he had been searching for. “History was proving to me that the Catholic Church was the one true faith.”

On Easter 2010, Adrian, along with his wife and children, received the sacraments and became full members of Christ’s one, holy, Catholic Church in their home state of Colorado.

“Months ago, I was an atheist trying to convert people out of the faith,” Adrian admits. “Today I have returned to the Church, and now I am learning apologetics and defending the faith!”

Now, Adrian hopes to share the truth of his Catholic Faith with others—wherever and whenever he can.

“I just wish the [ ®] message could spread faster,” Adrian says. “There are many who were in my situation who just need inspiration and a point in the right direction.”

CatholicsComeHome, Inc. ® plans to continue doing just that: extending that simple invitation, that “nudge” in the direction of the Catholic Church, so more people can be welcomed back home into God’s loving family. Over 100,000 people around the country have accepted this invitation already.

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