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I had blood drawn this week for a routine physical exam. Though I arrived in time for my appointment I was obliged to wait a half hour in a sitting room with a dozen others. I didn’t mind the delay as I had brought reading material with me. What was irritating was that a television mounted on the wall was tuned to a loud talk show whose participants were vociferoulsy presenting their passionate and contradictory opinions as hard facts. In spite of the assault on our ears nobody was paying attention to this intrusion as everyone was occupied with his cell phone. It got me thinking about the relentless media barrage so commonplace today.

In this country the media have been denigrated by both the so called left and right. What sources can be trusted? Is the 24/7 news enveloping us founded on fact, interpretation, or biased fantasy? Does the omnipresence of this uncertain content further polarize our politics by magnifying the incredulity of those who refuse to hear what might be true and the gullibility of those who rush to believe what might be false?

Ah, that old question: whom can you trust?

The trustees of NCCF are proud to point out that one of the first funds established with us at our inception twenty one years ago relates to a trustworthy media source. As its mission statement explains Wordnet Productions ( was founded in California in 1972 by Fr. Michael Manning of the Society of the Divine Word. It uses television and video creatively to proclaim the Word of God and it broadcasts its material around the world to over 200 million households – including through the Armed Services Broadcasting Networks.

Embracing the transforming power of the Gospel Wordnet communicates the Word of God through all people. At the same time, it implements the Church’s mandate of interfaith dialog as it builds bridges of understanding through collaborative media production with other faith groups. Readers would be well rewarded in acquainting themselves with Wordnet’s programs.

More important, though, we trustees are even more proud to boast that the Executive Director of Wordnet is, and has always been, on our Investment Committee. She is Sister Patricia Phillips, a member of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ). Sister Pat has been involved in many important endeavors relating to the faith including: the Board of Trustees of Rosemont College, Finance Committee for Hope Partnership for Education, the Investment Committee for the SHCJ American Province, Committee on Consecrated Life of the Diocese of San Bernardino, Board Member for Christian Brothers Religious Trust, and a consultant for NATRI (National Association of Treasurers of Religious Institutes!

You readers who have funds with us have this indefatigable executive to thank for the wise guidance she provides our investment committee. We trustees have her to thank for her unwavering support of NCCF since its founding. She is a true blessing indeed, one of those non-fake souls committed to the advance of the Kingdom.

Thank you, Sister Pat!

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  1. I will be attending the annual RCRI Conference on the 30th Oct to 1st Nov in Orlando, FL. I hope to see you there. Please, come and visit us at our booth. I look forward to sharing what all we are doing to help people in the world as we do, children living in extreme poverty, needing support for education and other life development.

    Blessings for your good work.

    As always…
    Chris Hoar

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