Make Today Happen

Over the past years this column has featured grantees to which you, the advisors on our donor advised funds, have recommended the trustees of NCCF to make donations. It has been a worthy undertaking inasmuch as bringing your attention to people and organizations who respect and promote human dignity contributes in a modest way to the advance of the Kingdom.

We should from time to time also feature our advisors, especially those with unusual backgrounds who embrace uncommon challenges. One such individual is Chris Lowney whose name many of you no doubt recognize.

Chris has been an early and long time member of the NCCF community.  Years ago, he established with us his fund titled “Tomorrow’s Leaders: Educating Children in Healthier Families Fund”. This past year he opened a new fund called “Instituto Joao de Brito, East Timor Fund” to support a Jesuit school in East Timor.

A convenient way for me to profile Mr. Lowney is to excerpt this biographical sketch that appears in his new book, Make Today Happen

“Chris Lowney, a former Jesuit seminarian, served as a Managing Director at J.P. Morgan & Co. on three continents. He currently chairs the board of CHI, one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems. Author of the best seller Heroic Leadership and Pope Francis: Why He Leads The Way He Leads, he speaks widely on leadership and has been featured in Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, and the Wall Street Journal, among others.”

It will come as no surprise to those of you who are familiar with Chris’ other books that his newest publication, Make Today Happen, is an easy and inspiring read. I understand that 100% of the book’s royalties will be donated to support Catholic schools serving impoverished overseas communities.

In the months and years ahead, it will be gratifying to profile others donors and advisors who, like   Mr. Lowney, in their own way are advancing the Kingdom.

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