"Hidden In The Womb Of The Creator"

As our readers know the National Catholic Community Foundation has been following the peregrinations of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia these past several years.  Previously the President of the Pontifical Council for the Family the Archbishop has recently been named the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life.  Last month Pope Francis addressed this latter group and his remarks have been made available to us.

Anyone concerned with the ills of our time will find solace in these papal reflections.  The utilitarianism of education, the decoupling of faith and reason, the moral deracination of our ‘culture’, the challenges of globalization, the pervasion of narcissitic solipsism, our throw away culture – all these are addressed in what his Holiness calls ‘human ecology’.  I highly recommend you spend a few minutes to be reassured of “the charm of all the visible and invisible things that are hidden in the womb of the Creator”.


Read the Papal address here.