Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

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Little Sisters of the Poor/St. Martin’s Home (Baltimore, MD)

Address 601 Maiden Choice Lane Baltimore Maryland 21228 United States Phone: (410) 744-9367 ext. 174 Link:

As Little Sisters of the Poor, we dedicate our lives to the loving service of the Aged Poor, continuing the legacy of our Foundress, Blessed Jeanne Jugan. Mindful that we serve the Lord in the Poor, we seal our dedication by a special fourth vow of hospitality. In this evangelical mission we welcome the Elderly in Homes where we strive to meet their physical, medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. In a family atmosphere we want the Residents to experience being loved, being needed and knowing they will receive care adapted to their eventual health changes. Respectful of their dignity and of the sacredness of life itself, we accompany them spiritually and assist them at the hour of death. The quality and spirit of this dedication is instilled in those who collaborate with us in this mission. At present the Little Sisters of the Poor serve the elderly poor in 32 countries. There are 30 Homes in the United States.