Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Catalog of Ministries

Our catalog is continually growing. It is provided here to help inform and inspire you to become engaged in philanthropy. Our hope is that you will get involved. The rewards will be great.
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Healing the Culture

Contact: Camille Pauley, President Address 605 2nd Street, Suite 218 Snohomish Washington 98290 United States Phone: 360-243-3811 Link:

Healing the Culture is a national organization that develops and implements unique educational resources and programs designed to bring about deep, authentic, and permanent conversions to the pro-life position among K-12 students, college and university students, and adults.Our flagship program is Principles and Choices, a 7-12 grade curriculum that helps students master the principles of logic, ethics, and justice that lead to pro-life convictions, and inspires young people to live with purpose and moral integrity. Changing people’s hearts and minds about abortion and euthanasia takes more than bumper stickers, photographs, and 30 second ads. While those approaches are very important and they all help toward the overall goal, they aren’t effective at rooting out the destructive attitudes and beliefs that many people have absorbed from an unhealthy culture that has been chipping away at their souls for years.If we want to reorient people’s entire lives towards the principles that lead to pro-life convictions and effect a permanent culture-wide change, we must patiently work with people to first see and embrace fundamental and universal principles of truth, ethics, and justice. And finally, we must help them consistently apply those principles to the life issues.